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Purchase a Shawnee Delivery Gift Card today! These Gift Cards are a great Gift for any Friend or Colleague.

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How Gift Cards Work

Once you purchase a Gift Card, an email will be instantly sent to you, containing a Gift Card Certificate. The Gift Card Certificate can then be printed off and given to your recipient as a gift. The Gift Card Certificate contains a 16 digit Gift Card number, expiration date, and the Gift Card holder's name, which can be used like a credit card on the Shawnee Delivery website/app.

How to Order Gift Cards

Click on the GIFT CARDS tab, located at the top of the homepage of, beside the FAQ tab, and then follow the below steps.


Enter the Buyer information.

Step 2:

Enter your Recipients information.

Step 3:

Decide if you want us to email your Gift Card to the recipient. We do not automatically email your recipient, but if you want us to, click on the word "Yes".

Step 4:

Select a Gift Card amount you wish to purchase for your recipient.

Step 5:

If you want a personalized message to appear on the Gift Card Certificate, enter the message.

Step 6:

Enter your Credit Card information, to purchase the Gift Card Certificate.

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